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Tasting Java Culinary, TAHU TEMPE BACEM⁣



10bh Tofu small size⁣

1 board Tempe, cut 2⁣

Coconut water to boil⁣

Fine seasoning :⁣

10bh Shallots⁣

6bh Garlic⁣

1 tbsp Coriander powder⁣

Complementary seasonings :⁣

2 sections of Galangal, bruised⁣

2 segments of Lemongrass, bruised⁣

6 lbr Bay leaf⁣

1 tsp Tamarind paste, seedless⁣

Salt to taste⁣

2 small pieces of brown sugar, combed (sweet to taste)⁣

How to Cook⁣

* Sauté the seasoning finely for a while, pour coconut water & add complementary seasoning.⁣

* Enter tempeh tofu, make sure all submerged 

* Cook over medium heat until boiling, then correct the taste. Go back and forth tofu tempeh so that the seasoning permeates. Bring down the heat, ungkep until the water runs out. Serve.⁣

* If you want to fry, let stand until it cools a little.⁣

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