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Tasting Java Culinary, Legendary NASI LIWET


Liwet rice) is a typical food of Solo and is a culinary native to Baki, Sukoharjo Regency. Nasi liwet is a savory rice (cooked with coconut) similar to nasi uduk, which is served with siamese pumpkin vegetables, shredded chicken (chicken meat cut into small pieces) and areh (a kind of savory porridge from coconut).

4 cups rice
1 handful dried fried rice aned through
1 handful baby salted fried squid
10 whole cayenne peppers
10 whole shallots
2 peeled pete boards
2 sticks of geprek lemongrass
2 bay leaves
3 pieces of orange leaves remove the bones
2 tsp salt

Seasoning slices:
3 pieces of red chili kriting
4 cloves shallots
2 cloves garlic

1.cuci bersih rice, give water to taste like cooking ordinary rice well

2.sauté the sliced seasoning until fragrant, put lemongrass, orange leaves and bay leaves, sauté until fragrant, remove and drain, put the sautéed sliced seasoning into the rice pan, give salt, mix well, then process until cooked

3.goreng pete,whole onion and whole cayenne pepper,set aside.

4.after the rice is cooked and tanak, put an anedy, cayenne pepper, pete, onion and baby squid, mix well with rice, serve with complements

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