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Tasting Java Culinary, Klepon Gula Merah

Klepon Brown Sugar


250 gr of white glutinous flour

50 gr of rice flour

100 ml thick coconut milk (water can be replaced)

100 ml pandan water (5 pieces of pandanus leaves blended with water, strain)

Pinch of salt + granulated sugar


Brown sugar, comb (for stuffing)

Grated coconut to taste, add a little salt, and pandan leaves, steam 15 minutes


1. In a container, mix pandan juice water and coconut milk, put the sugar salt

2. In another container, mix glutinous flour and rice flour

3. Pour the coconut milk and pandan mixture into the flour while kneading until smooth and the dough can be returned. (the liquid does not have to run out, adjusting the dough. Kalo felt enough, stop the water so as not to let go and make kleponnya gembos)

4. Take a pinch of dough, press, give brown sugar stuffing, cover, round shape. The dough should close the filling well so that it does not leak when boiled

6. Bring water to a boil in a saucepan, give pandanus leaves

5. Boil the klepon spheres in boiling water until cooked (a sign of ripeness when the klepon has floated)

6. Roll into grated coconut immediately so that it does not stick. Serve

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