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Tasting Java Culinary, Legendary RAWON


many speculate that rawon was the food of ancient kings that originated from the food of the commoners. Rawon itself is now incarnated into a food that many people love.


  1. 500g beef
  2. 1 light melinjo leaf socket
  3. 1btg lemongrass
  4. 5lbr orange leaves
  5. 3lbr bay leaf
  6. 3cm galanth
  7. Sugar, salt and powdered broth.

Fine seasoning :

  • 5pcs kluwak ( take the contents, soak hot water 5min)
  • 5pc garlic
  • 8pc shallots
  • 3pieces red chillies
  • 3cm turmeric
  • 3cm ginger
  • 5pc pecan roasting
  • 1/2 tsp grilled terasi
  • How to cook :
  • - Cut into small pieces of meat, boil until tender. - heat the oil, sauté the fine seasoning along with the orange leaves, lemongrass, bay leaves and galanth, cook until cooked ( out the oil)
  • - Pour the seasoning into the meat stew. - insert the melinjo leaves, add the sugar, salt and powdered broth.
  • - test the taste according to taste.



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