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Spicy Kikil Oseng Recipe

Spicy Kikil Oseng Recipe

If you are bored with processed chicken, you can loh process kikil which is one part of the beef in the legs. Kikil can be a delicious and mouthwatering food dish. Yes the taste is also not inferior to processed beef other parts. In addition to being served into gravy food, you can also process into food in stir-fry dishes.

With the kitchen bamboo spices that you used to use everyday, kikil can be transformed into a main course or companion. Generally kikil is cooked into oseng-oseng or a dish with a mixture of green chili. Hmm this ingredient is quite suitable to be cooked with a spicy taste. Although sometimes some complain about not being able to cook tender kikil, actually you should know first how to process kikil well and properly.

Well, this time we try oseng kikil spicy recipe


1/2 kg kikil / cow's feet

2 pete boards

7 large red/curly chillies, roughly chopped using chopper

Small chillies to taste, roughly chopped

8 large green chillies

1 large green/red tomato

5 fresh orange leaves

1 thumb laos

2 tbsp full oyster sauce

Sweet soy sauce from lemonilo / measure according to taste

Powdered chicken broth from lemonilo


Sliced seasoning :

7 garlic cloves

7 cloves shallots

1 medium size garlic clove

How to make :

boil kikil with lemongrass ginger geprek and dried bay leaves, the duration of boiling according to the level of tenderness kikil and the result of the stew does not need to be too tender, after ripe remove the drain and cut according to taste.

Sauté the sliced spices, after wilting add the laos geprek, fresh orange leaves, roughly chopped large red chillies and small chillies, sauté until wilted then salt, lemonilo chicken powder broth, oyster sauce then put kikil, stir in the water to taste then add the tomato slices, beans, green chillies and pete, cook until the gravy is slightly thickened, give the lemonilo sweet soy sauce and correct the flavor then lift.

Have a good 🤗

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