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talking about food especially related to seafood always makes most people 'drool' :D . So am I who is one of the lovers of fish and seafood and always hunting for new ways of processing the two types of foodstuffs. Certain cities or regions usually have typical food or culinary.  But some of these foods have not been raised to the surface so that only the surrounding community knows it will be delicious and excite the taste of the :D . In addition to pindang bone and pindang catfish, Palembang shellfish pindang is also one of palembang people's favorite foods from the city to the corners of the village. The sour spicy taste is a special feature of this pindang. to make the necessary palembang scallop pindang seasonings are;


Main ingredients:

- 1kg dara shells (clean brush)

- ginger geprek, galangal geprek, lemongrass geprek, bay leaf)

Pindang seasoning:

- galangal 1cm geprek

- 1 lemongrass geprek

- bay leaf 2 sheets

- basil to taste

- tomatoes 1 piece (cut into 4 pieces)

- pineapple to taste (diced)

- oil for sautéing

- kandis acid 3 pieces / tamarind water to taste

- 750 ml of water

- pepper and powder broth to taste

- soy sauce 2 tbsp

- terasi 1/3 tsp (to taste)

- whole cayenne pepper

Fine seasoning:

- turmeric 1 cm

- devil cayenne pepper 5 pieces

- curly chillies 10 pieces

- shallots 5 cloves

- garlic 2 cloves

How to cook:

1. Boil the clams that have been cleaned with bay leaf spices, lemongrass, ginger geprek, and a little salt over medium heat tends to be small until the shell is open. Remove, drain, then if with clean water once passing. Then drain. Set aside. 

2. Blend the seasoning finely, but do not let it get too smooth. 

3. Sauté the spices until fragrant and the oil is reddish

4. Add, galangal, lemongrass, bay leaf, sauté briefly. Then add water. 

5. Once it boils, add the clams. Then season with pepper, powdered broth, soy sauce, shrimp and tamarind water. Taste correction.

6. Before lifting, add pineapple, tomatoes, and basil.

7. Lift and ready to serve.


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