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Culinary Tasting, Shrimp chicken nuggets

Most people like nuggets. Usually used as a provision or breakfast menu, because the way to process it is really practical.

Unfortunately, not all instant nuggets are guaranteed cleanliness and nutrition. Therefore, it is good to make ourselves to be healthier. 

Here's a recipe and how to make shrimp chicken nuggets that you can emulate at home.

Shrimp chicken nuggets


350gr chicken fillets (finely ground/chopped)

15gr peeled prawns (finely ground/chopped)

1 btg carrot (grated with grated cheese)

1 stick celery (finely sliced)

3 cloves garlic (puree)

1/4 clove shallots (puree)

1 tsp curry powder

4 tbsp cornstarch

1 tbsp tp flour

1 egg

50gr grated cheese 

1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp pepper


Coating material


Egg whites 

Panir flour.

How to make

* Mix all the ingredients, mix well, put on a baking sheet that has been on the base of the leaves / baking paper. Flatten with the help of a little water and a spatula. Steam until cooked through. Once completely cool, remove it from the baking sheet and cut it to taste.

* Roll nuggets in wheat flour then egg whites and panir flour, store in the refrigerator for a while, fry at can be made frozem food stock.

Good luck

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