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Culinary Tasting, Legendary GULAI SNAPPER HEAD

Almost everyone loves Padang cuisine. Diverse side dishes are the main attraction. Not only rendang meat is a foodie hunt, but gulai snapper is also often targeted.

This time, you can be alone at home with the following recipe


- 2 snapper heads

- One lime take the water.

- 1 bunch basil, petikin leaves

- 10 whole cayenne pepper

- 7 cayenne pepper rajang

- 400 ml coconut milk

- 2 turmeric leaves cut into pieces2

- 5 pieces of orange leaves, discard the bone torn roughly

- Two lemongrass stalks take the white. Geprek

- 2 pieces of asam kandis

- Salt to taste

Fine seasoning :

- 13 shallots

- 3 garlic

- 1 grilled turmeric segment

- 1 ginger segment

- 1 galanthical segment

- 5 red chillies

- 5 pecans

How to make :

- wash the fish clean, grease it with lime juice, let stand for 25 minutes, wash it clean again

- cook coconut milk, add fine herbs, turmeric leaves, orange leaves and lemongrass. Stir until boiling

- put the fish head, sour and salt. It's a good place to eat.

- cook until coconut milk oily add basil leaves. Stir. Lift

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