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Culinary Tasting, FRUIT PIE

Starting from eating fruit pie at a friend's fiancee event, continue to be addicted. Finally ask his mom for a fruit pie recipe.


NCC leather materials 

250 gr of triangular wheat flour

1/2 tsp salt 

1 tbsp refined sugar (original recipe not used)

125 gr butter

5 tbsp ice water

Tintirayner recipe skin ingredients


150 Butter I use Anchor 

1 tbsp Full Refined Sugar

2 btr Large uk Egg Yolks

250 gr Triangular Flour

Topping Ingredients:

Variety of fruit / according to taste

Watering Material:

1 tsp white agar-agar

100 cc of water

1 tsp sugar

(bring these three ingredients to a boil, set aside)


Ingredients to make VLA:

500 cc uht liquid milk 

100 gr of granulated sugar

5 btr egg yolk

30 gr cornstarch, (I pake custard mix, if you want a more sturdy vla dough / not too melted can use 50grm maizena + custard)

1 tbsp butter

1 tsp vanilli


Melt cornstarch with some milk, mix egg yolks, mix well, set aside.

Boil the milk and sugar until it boils, put the cornstarch and egg yolk mixture, stir quickly, let it boil once more. Lift. Set aside.

Finish ===> Fill the pie bowl with vla, garnish with pieces of fruit, flush 1 tsp clear. ready to serve😉.

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