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Culinary Tasting, CHICKEN SOTO

If we talk about Nusantara cuisine, there will definitely be many choices of food ranging from spicy to those that have savory and sweet characteristics from Sabang to Merauke. Typical Indonesian food is a variety of flavors and ways of serving it. Not only the taste, but the types of food in Indonesia are also varied, some are berkuah, dry or snacks. All kinds of food seems to exist in Indonesia.

And one of the typical Indonesian foods that are everywhere is soto. Soto itself has a variety of types, there is chicken soto or meat soto. Soto ayam is one of hundreds of thousands of culinary in Indonesia. Basically soto ayam is a food that has yellow sauce with shredded chicken in it. The taste of chicken soto is no longer questionable. So it is not surprising if often we find many variations of chicken soto such as coconut milk chicken soto, lamongan chicken soto, betawi chicken soto, and many more.



1/2 chicken + a few pieces of ceker (optional) clean, squeeze the lime juice and salt mix well, let stand for a while, wash it clean again

2.5 L water/to taste

1 sliced leek

2 sliced celery stalks

1-2 tsp garlic and fried shallots

Salt, mushroom broth/chicken stock and granulated sugar to taste.


8 cloves garlic

6 shallots

4 grains of roasted pecans

1 tsp roasted coriander

1 tsp pepper granules

a little ginger, turmeric and galangal.


2 bay leaves

4 pieces of torn orange leaves2

2 lemongrass sticks bruised

3 cloves .


Soun who has been brewed

Hard-boiled eggs

The toge that has been brewed

Celery and fried onions

Lime juice 

Sambal boiled briefly 10 pieces of red cayenne pepper and 1 clove of garlic, ulek give salt, sugar and add a little soup soto .


1. Boil the chicken and ceker, discard the floating foam, add sliced leeks, celery, red bwng and fried white (so that the broth lbh fragrant) cook dng medium heat, meanwhile ...

2. Sauté the spices finely and add additional seasoning until fragrant and completely cooked, put in the chicken stew, give salt, mushroom broth and a little sugar, cook until the chicken is tender and the seasoning is infused

3. Remove the chicken, fry briefly then suir2 meat

4. Serve soto with all its appendages ⁣

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