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Culinary Tasting, Bali Spice Beef⁣

Got beef stock at home? You can create it with balinese seasoning. Beef is covered with abundant spices, perfect for a warm rice companion. The taste is so fitting, the ingredients to make it are also easy to get. Follow how to create them below.

Bali Spice Beef⁣


500gr beef⁣

2 btg lemongrass bruised⁣

5 orange leaves⁣

6 tbsp sweet soy sauce⁣

15 whole cayenne peppers/to taste⁣

To taste the salt.

Sugar,tamarind water⁣

Fine seasoning:⁣

10 shallots⁣

5 garlic⁣

15 curly red chillies⁣

4 pecans⁣

Ginger shavings⁣

To taste the oil.

to sauté the seasoning⁣

To taste the water.

How To:⁣

Sauté fine seasoning,lemongrass,orange leaves⁣

until fragrant. Put meat, soy sauce, salt, sugar, tamarind water, cook until the meat changes color. ⁣

Put enough water to cook until the tender meat tests the taste. Lift serve as instantly as you can guarantee this moms😍

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