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Chicken Soto Soup Recipe

Soto ayam is an Indonesian food in the form of spicy yellow chicken soup served with lontong, ketupat, or noodles. The yellow soup of soto comes from turmeric. This dish is the most popular variant of soto and is often found in Indonesia. In addition to chicken and noodles, soto can be served with boiled eggs and french fries. Sometimes, people will add "koya", a powder made from shrimp crackers mixed with garlic or orange sambal. Crackers or emping are also usually the companion of soto dishes.


- 1 kampung chicken cut into 4

- 2 liters of water / to taste

- 1 liter of coconut milk

- 3 cm galanth of geprek

- 3 btng lemongrass bruised

- 10 lbr orange leaves

- 3 lbr bay leaves

- 2 btng pre sliced leaves

- Salt, sugar, mushroom flavoring, to taste

- Cooking oil to taste


Fine seasoning:

- 7 siong b.white

- 15 siong b.merah

- 5 rounds of pecan roasting

- 5 cm turmeric roasting

- 3 cm roasting ginger

- 2 cm kencur

- 2 cm key meeting

- 1 tsp peppercorns

- 1 tsp coriander roasting

- 1/4 - 1/2 bh nutmeg



- Sliced cabbage

- Sprouts

- Sliced tomatoes

- Sliced Seladri leaves

- Sliced palm leaves

- Fried onions

- Lime

- Shrimp crackers

- Sambal soy sauce

(fried cayenne pepper and a pinch of salt refined then + sweet soy sauce)



1.Sauté the seasoning until cooked with galany, lemongrass, orange leaves & bay leaves until fragrant

2. Insert the chicken until it changes color and pour 2 liters of water / to taste

3. Give salt, sugar, mushroom flavoring, cook until the chicken is tender. Remove the chicken and fry and suwir2, set aside

4. Add water used to boil chicken to the surface again, enter coconut milk, brought to the boil. Add pre leaves, taste correction. Turn off

5. Serving: In a bowl of suwir chicken, cabbage slices, tomatoes, then flush with hot soto gravy. Add the bean sprouts, a sprinkling of seladri and kucai and fried onions. Serve with other appendages.

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