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Bandung culinary tour

Bandung culinary tour is no less delicious with culinary tours in other cities. Moreover, sangkuriang city has many typical culinary besides mochi and peuyeum.

For those of you who want to eat, you can try culinary hunting in this peuyeum town.

1. Raja Rasa Touris

Located on Jalan Setra Ria, this restaurant offers a variety of menu options. Especially sundanese and seafood specialties. But, there is one uniqueness of this restaurant, namely using Balinese spices for each dish.

You eat sundanese, but the seasoning is typical of Bali? Heum, so exciting!

2. Bumbu Desa Tourism

This restaurant offers a traditional Sundanese menu that you can enjoy solemnly. The spread of Western menu, making the traditional menu a little sidelined.

So, for those of you who love village food and are confused as to where to find it, you can visit here.

For the main target menu is carp and vegetable asem.

Not forgetting the processed meat and fish that are also targeted. Heum, obviously if this place is one of the good places to eat in Bandung.

3. Kalong Rice Tourism

Kalong rice has a blackish color as its main pigment. In contrast to its name, the taste of this rice is very fitting and typical on the tongue.

This menu, you can order if the emergency stomach is hungry by midnight. Don't be afraid to get fat. The rice alone is brown rice which is clearly low in carbohydrate content.

Not to mention raw chickpeas as his companion. Plus fried chicken as a side dish.

Plus, you can also enjoy the culinary of Bandung at night quietly without the need to think about weight.

4. Miss Bee Providore Tour

One culinary tour that should not be missed is this tour. Especially for those of you who like to travel with family, this place is suitable for you to be the main destination. The existence of parks and playgrounds, made many families decide to stop by here.

About the menu do not worry. There are excellent menus such as pasta and pizza. And what makes you visit here often is the texture of the pizza. Solid unlike other pizzas makes your tongue will always nagih.

5. Roemah Nenek Resto Cafe Tour

The classic interior will be your first sight when you visit this restaurant. But quiet, although classic, there is artistic value loh. For hunting photos is also okay.

Those of you who like the outside menu, don't worry about eating at this place. All Asian specialties are available here. Even the price is very affordable. Starting from Rp 17.000 only, you can eat one menu roemah nenek.

6. Warung Misbar Tourism

Snacking at the movies? It's commonplace. How about eating and drinking in a movie theater but not in a movie theater? The answer is Warung Misbar. Resto in the area of JALAN RE Martadinata offers such facilities.

When you're outside, it might feel lost. Moreover, the interior of the restaurant from the outside does not look like a restaurant. But, once you're in, be ready to be stunned.

Not a cinema provided, but a chair table like a restaurant. Yup. That's the unique watung misbar.

And more uniquely, when you eat but you're presented with a movie. Inevitably, the film presented is an old era movie that has been very old for you. But then again, that's what this restaurant is all about.

7. Ireng Coffee Tour

Karneli Sadikin is well known for her expertise in formulating delicious coffee that fits on the tongue of coffee lovers. If you're visiting here, it'll all be perfect.

Bandung atmosphere that tends to be cold, plus a cup of coffee, will make you feel comfortable and reluctant to move.

Ireng Coffee Building is in the form of joglo. That way, you can enjoy the view of Bandung city when you sip every brew of coffee.

It's even more beautiful if you go on a night food tour here. All the sparkling lights in this corner of the city will decorate your sights. Well, who refuses such comfort?

8. Sausage House Tour

Who likes processed meat ready to eat it? It's perfect if you're visiting sausage house. Besides being spoiled with a wide selection of sausages, you can also choose what way to serve sausages. Can be barbecue, beef or crispy.

About 70 processed sausages ready for you to order here. In addition, you can also enjoy ice cream made specifically by Rumah Sosis for its visitors.

You remember the family at home? Calm down. You can also bring them by from here. There's a frozen sausage you can take home. There are also prawns, organic noodles and meatballs that you can give to your family. All priced from Rp 50,000.

Not only do you eat sausages, you can also have fun here. There are many game rides to try. This place also includes the latest Bandung culinary tour that provides education for its customers.

9. Es Duren Pak Aip Tourism

This tour is perfect for those of you who love the sharp-skinned fruit. Plus, durian served is not just any durian. Mr. Aip himself started his business since 1987. With the legend predicate carried, there is no denying that his menu has indeed nested in the hearts of the community.

For a portion of duren ice, Mr. Aip adds shaved ice and milk or chocolate. Duren was the main factor. So, for a portion of duren ice, you will get some whole durian grains plus soft meat. Not only that, but you can also choose other variations, such as ice cream, brown sugar or strawberry.

With the scorching sun during the day of course ice duren Pak Aip is very suitable for you to come as a culinary bandung during the day.

About the price? Don't bother. A portion of duren ice is priced starting from Rp 15.000 kok. Mentok at Rp 18,000 according to your order variant. Interested? Go straight to Jalan Tubagus Ismail and Ahmad Yani in Bandung.

10. Batagor Hanjuang Tourism

Visiting Bandung is not complete if you do not eat batagornya. Moreover, this snack includes cheap bandung snacks scattered throughout Java.

Among the many street food culinary in Bandung, Batagor Hanjuang is the prima donna. Said his loyal customer, the mackerel tastes once on the tongue. Not only that, the added seasoning also fits the combination. Moreover, this batagor is minimal oil.

You can find this batagor cart behind The Plaza Palace. The place is fun, suitable for sitting with compatriots.

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