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5 Most Delicious West Sumatra Cuisines

5 Most Delicious West Sumatra Cuisines 

1. Palai Rinuak

The first culinary from West Sumatra that is famously steady is Palai Rinuak. Food derived from Maninjau Agam is a ripple fish that is given a mixture of spices and grated coconut. Next, the dough is wrapped with banana leaves to be peeled. Well, for those of you who are curious about the taste, try stopping by a shop called Warung Palai Rinuak. The place is quite easy to find, precisely on the side of the road on the edge of Lake Maninjau.

2. Sala Lauak

If in Java there is weci, another case with West Sumatra. This fried one is round and made from salted fish that has been mashed. Another mixture is rice flour seasoned with garlic and flavorings. The texture is the outside and soft on the inside. Really tasty and pampering stomach. Well, this typical Pariaman culinary is very easy to find in the area of Pasir (Pasiah), the coast of Pariaman Beach.

3. Gulai Itiak

Who's the duck enthrest? Well, you must know gulai itiak? Yep, this culinary from West Sumatra is a food in the form of slices of duck meat that is tipped and cooked together with spices such as green curly chilies, laos, turmeric and ginger. Well, those of you who are curious about the taste, can hunt culinary at gili stalls (Gulai Itiak Lado Ijau) in Padang.

4. Nasi Kapau

Well, if you are visiting Bukittinggi and are looking for good food there, try to stop by The Basic Latai Tourist Floor Market. You can find warungs that provide a menu of west Sumatran specialties that are delicious and addictive. The menu is called Nasi Kapau which comes from Kapau Sumbar, containing sambal, side dishes, jackfruit vegetable gulai. Although it looks the same as Padang rice, but it tastes different.

5. Teh Talua 

You ever hear of this one? Not indiscriminately, this minangkabau drink is a mixture of tea with talua or eggs in Minang language. The mixture is added with sugar to create a sweet taste. Minang people believe that this tea can increase stamina. Nowadays, it is widely sold in famous stalls and restaurants. So, just visit the place to eat, can already order it.

6. Nasi padang

Nasi Padang is white rice served with a variety of Indonesian side dishes. Padang refers to the provincial capital of West Sumatra, the hometown of the Minangkabau people. Nasi Padang is a dish served in a complete buffet with meat, fish, vegetables, and spicy food eaten with white rice, it is the most famous export commodity and the minangkabau people have a great contribution to Indonesian cuisine. 

Padang restaurant is usually characterized by the gadang house style building (the roof is oblong and curved) and the typical style of the storefront. Nasi Padang storefront in front of the restaurant usually consists of plates and bowls stacked in such a way, laid out and filled with various dishes.. Padang restaurants, especially small-medium ones, usually use names in Minang language.

Nasi Padang is an integral part of Indonesia's state apparatus' lunch break in urban areas; when the price of Nasi Padang in Jakarta and surrounding areas was raised in 2016, civil servants of the municipality of Jakarta demanded that the money of side dishes (meal money, as a component of civil servants' salaries) be raised as well. 

Padang rice served in Padang restaurants is easy to find in various cities in Indonesia such as in Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara, and Papua, to neighboring countries Malaysia and Singapore, and Australia because the Minangkabau people have a tradition of wandering (immigration) contributing to the spread of Minang overseas beyond the boundaries of their halama villages in West Sumatra. According to CNN Travel, Nasi Padang is listed as one of 40 foods where the people of Singapore cannot live without it.

Not only good to see, the food above is also a must-try. Well, when do you hunt for food there?

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