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Top 5 Most Spicy Yogyakarta Foods You Must Try

Top 5 Most Spicy Yogyakarta Foods  You Must Try

Who here doesn't agree that Yogyakarta has a million charms that make visitors addicted?  agree, please. Apart from this extraordinary natural scenery it also has special food. This student city is also famous for its relatively spicy food. One of the spicy culinary icons in Jogja is Gudeg and of course, there are many other spicy culinary delights scattered in Yogyakarta.

So for you spicy food lovers, you can still enjoy it in Jogja. What are the spicy culinary delights in Jogja? You can find a variety of spicy foods with different ingredients, processing, and flavors in the list of spicy foods in the city of Yogyakarta as follows.

1. Oseng Mercon Bu Narti

Who is not familiar with Bu Narti's stir-fry, this stir-fried sauce containing soy sauce with super spicy spices is always busy every night. Bu Narti's firecracker can be said to be the pioneer of stir-fry culinary in Yogyakarta. Located on Jalan KH Ahmad Dahlan, Ngampilan, Jogja this street stall is open from 6 pm to 11 pm.

2. Gudeg Mercon Ibu Tinah

Everyone already knows that warm is a typical Yogyakarta food. Well, Mrs. Tinah's warm firecrackers serve warm with a spicy burning taste. Located on Jalan Asem Gede, Cokrodiningratan, Jetis, Jogjakarta this shop is open from 21.30 until it runs out.

3. Entok Slenget Kang Tanir

Have you ever eaten duck meat? If not, you must try this Slenget Kang Tanir entok. Tongseng entok which is famous for its spicy tray is located on Jalan Pakem-Turi, Donokerto, Jogjakarta. This shop is open from 16.30 until it runs out. So for those of you who are curious about the spiciness of this tongseng entok you have to come on time so you don't run out

4. Sate Petir Pak Nano

Do you like satay? For you lovers of goat satay and stir-fried goat, you should try this nano's lightning satay. This shop is located on Jalan Ring Road Selatan No. 90, Tirtonirmolo, Kasihan, Bantul. Priced at Rp. 25,000 you can taste one serving of satay with a choice of spiciness levels from kindergarten to professor.

5. Sate Taichan Jogja

Who doesn't know this one hits skin? This satay with spicy red chili sauce has indeed become a favorite lately. Sate taichan Jogja is one that is idolized in Jogja. This dining place not only provides sate taichan but also provides various rica-rica with spices full of chilies.

The description above is the latest information regarding the name of the spicy food menu in the city of Yogyakarta that you should try. Especially for those of you who have just traveled to Yogyakarta, these foods can accompany your holiday week in an exciting and fun way. Various culinary places are designed as well as possible for you. May be useful

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