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Tasting Jogja Culinary, Legendary Gudeg

Tasting Jogja Culinary, Legendary Gudeg. Gudeg Jogja has been known by the Indonesian people, especially as a special food from the city of Yogyakarta. This popularity also makes Yogyakarta known as the City of Gudeg. Gudeg Jogja is a traditional food made from young jackfruit.

Jackfruit is boiled for several hours with coconut sugar and coconut milk. Equipped with various additional spices, it makes it taste sweet and has a distinctive taste. In its presentation, this food is usually completed with many kinds of completion. There are white rice, chicken, boiled eggs, tofu or tempeh, and a stew which better known as krecek fried chili sauce.

Gudeg Jogja, Culinary For 15th Century People Who Rise In Class To Become A Royal

Gudeg variant

There are several types of Gudeg Jogja which are known today, namely the dry Gudeg and the Wet Gudeg. Dry Gudeg has only have a little coconut milk while Wet Gudeg includes more coconut milk. The types of Gudeg also affect the taste of Gudeg. Initially, Gudeg Jogja which was known by the people of Indonesia, especially Yogyakarta in the past was Gudeg Basah. As time goes by, Gudeg's need for souvenirs is growing. This need is answered by the presence of a dry Gudeg variant as one of Jogja Culinary.

History of Gudeg

This typical food was originally food that was only consumed by ordinary people. To get around the food needs of the people who are mostly workers, they make food from the young jackfruit. Selection of young jackfruit is based on considerations easy to get. Because the amount of jackfruit is large, cook it in large portions. 

In cooking the jackfruit the workers use a mixer in the form of a tool resembling a boat oar. The technique of stirring in Javanese is called hangudek or hangudeg. Finally, that's where the name Gudeg comes from. In the 1600s Gudeg Jogja became increasingly popular as one of the dishes served to royal guests. It also become the most popular food in Jogja Culinary.

Variety of Gudeg

Gudeg Yu Djum is the most legendary menu item in Yogyakarta and the recipe has been passed down for four generations. With the dry Jogja warm dish, visitors can buy large quantities for souvenirs or enjoy it on site. This shop often allows visitors to go to the kitchen and watch the process of making Jogja warm.

Other Gudeg Jogja opens early in the morning and is often consumed as breakfast. Gudeg Pawon opens almost midnight or 22.00. With a selling location in the pawon (kitchen), dozens of people are ready to queue to eat warm sweet complete with krecek fried chili sauce, chicken, and green chilies that can be crushed with rice. These two kinds of Gudeg is the most known Jogja Culinary from tourist and locals. 

So that's a little story about Gudeg, ingredients, types, history, and also favorite places that make Gudeg different. For visitors who travel to Jogja, it is mandatory to taste some of the Gudeg options above. Make sure you also try another Jogja Culinary that still exists. Jogja can be your memorial destination when having a vacation.

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