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Not only has the attraction of natural beauty, Bali is also able to keep anyone hooked with its various culinary specialties.

As the largest foreign exchange contributor to tourism in Indonesia, Bali is very special indeed. Not only has the attraction of natural beauty, Bali is also able to keep anyone hooked with its various culinary specialties. Not even a few of the people who want to return to Bali just to taste a variety of Balinese specialties.

Interestingly, apparently this variety of Balinese cuisine is not only loved by local tourists only. Because there are a lot of favorite Balinese food bule that are very tongue shaking. So happy, foreign tourists until willing to fly to the island of the Gods just to taste one of these seven Balinese cuisines. What are some balinese specialties that are so loved by foreign tourists?

1.Balinese Fried Rice

No one can resist the charm of fried rice. The cuisine that seems to be found in all corners of the country even though it is so simple, is able to make anyone's stomach churn. Similarly, Balinese fried rice is well liked by foreign tourists. In contrast to the fried rice sold in Java, Balinese fried rice is so typical with soft thin cabbage slices.

Because it is an island surrounded by the ocean and various beautiful beaches, Balinese fried rice is also given a seafood side dish namely shrimp. The taste of Balinese fried rice is unique because not only spicy, but there is a fresh sour taste. This sour taste is derived from a mixture of tomatoes and a squeeze of lime juice.

2. Lilit Satay

It's not complete to go to Bali if you haven't tried this typical culinary. Yep, such opinions are also well understood by foreign tourists so that makes them very doyan sate lilit. The majority of lilit satay in Bali usually uses a mixture of mackerel and ground chicken.

Meanwhile, various spices as a complement are used as spices that blend them. The meat and seasoning are then mixed with flour and egg yolks before finally wrapped into lemongrass stems and baked.

3. Betutu Duck

Bebek betutu became another favorite Balinese dish bule because it is amazingly delicious. Known to be very tasty, betutu duck is basically duck meat that has been mixed with various special spices and then wrapped in leaves and smoked until cooked. Because it takes a fairly long cooking process, the portion of betutu duck is limited so surely who quickly he can.

4. Jenggo Rice

Bali is not forever about luxury and holidays on a high budget. But there are a lot of cheap festive food crowded in the pockets. Make no mistake, the cheap cuisine is also hunted bule because of its uniqueness. One of them is nasi jenggo aka nasi jenggo which is similar to sego cat in Yogyakarta.

Uniquely, the word jenggo comes from the Hokkien jeng go language which means one thousand and five hundred. But as the era progressed, the price of jinggo rice was adjusted even though it was still cheap festive. Widely sold on the corners of Bali island, jinggo rice consists of white rice, sambal goreng tempe, serundeng, ayam suwir and sambal in small portions wrapped in banana leaves.

5. Tempong Rice

In fact, this dish is not from Bali, but Banyuwangi. However, due to banyuwangi and bali position nearby, there are now many tempong rice sellers on the island of Bali and so favored by foreign tourists. Tempong rice is a collection of vegetables such as spinach, kenikir and boiled basil leaves as well as various side dishes.

The main characteristic of tempong rice is the aroma of kencur from peanut sauce that is watered. Can be found quite easily in Bali, one of the most popular tempong rice sellers is Nasi Tempong Indra in Denpasar which has a spicy sensation without a match.

6. Satay Plecing

One of the typical culinary of the island of the Gods is legendary and usually uses pork as its main ingredient. But for you Muslims just calm down, now there are many satay plecing with processed chicken or goat meat that has an amazingly tender texture.

The uniqueness of plecing satay is the sambalnya made from chillies made with garlic and pecans then doused in oil and lime juice.

7. Sambal Matah

And this is bule's favorite Balinese food that tastes incomplete to the island of the Gods before trying it. Yep, sambal matah is a very popular form of Balinese cuisine and can be found in various processed. In contrast to red sambal in Java, sambal matah is served fresh because chillies, onions, lemongrass stems, purut orange leaves are not smoothed.

Everything is just washed clean and then sliced thinly and placed in a container. Only then is it sprinkled with salt, sugar, lime juice and then doused in hot oil and then eaten. How? It's tempting to have balinese food, right? Not only local people, foreign tourists are willing to return to Bali to try it.

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