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Let's Get to Know the Legendary Malang Culinary

Let's Get to Know the Legendary Malang Culinary. There is no end when we talking about Indonesian specialties. One of the regions of Indonesia with a myriad of delicious culinary delights is Malang. The legendary Malang cuisine is well known for its appetizing flavors. The delicious taste of the legendary Malang culinary will not break your pockets, you know. 

We know it because of the culinary ranks of Malang at very cheap prices. For those of you who intend to have a vacation to Malang soon, don't miss to taste Malang's delicious culinary. The taste of food has been tested from year to year. Many kinds of Malang specialties are can be enjoyed in various tourist attractions in Malang. It is usually a package, an exciting tourist attraction, and street food.

4 Legendary, Delicious, and Cheap Price Malang Culinary

1. Bakso President Malang

If you have played to Malang, which means you must taste this typical Malang culinary, namely Bakso President. There are many branches of this meatball shop, but the famous one is Jalan Batanghari No.5, Rampal Celaket, Klojen. Bakso President Malang has been established in 1977. Open every day from 08.00 to 21.30 WIB. The price for a bowl of meatballs is also affordable, around IDR 30,000 to IDR 50,000.

2. Pecel Kawi

From 1975 until now, Pecel Kawi Malang has always been full of buyers. Savory and thick peanut sauce is a characteristic of this Pecel Kawi seasoning. Like pecel in general, a serving of Pecel Kawi consists of white rice, vegetables, side dishes, and thick peanut sauce. Now specifically for side dishes, buyers can choose their menu, starting from fried eggs, fried catfish, and corn pancakes.

3. Post Ketan Legenda

Pos Ketan Legenda is a legendary Malang culinary delicacy made from glutinous rice, which has been around since 1967. The food menu is varied, such as sticky rice powder, sticky rice, cheese sticky rice, to sticky rice durian. This durian sticky rice is a mainstay of the Ketan Legenda Post. You can come to Jl. Kartini No.6, Ngaglik, Batu Sisir, Malang, East Java, from 21.00 to 00.00 WIB.

4. Oen Ice Cream

First stop by the legendary ice cream shop in Malang, namely Toko Oen, which has been around since 1930. Even though it has been around for decades, Oen's ice cream taste has never changed. Apart from ice cream, a variety of favorite menus are available, ranging from banana splits, loempia, vlesskroetje, and kippen brood. This ice cream shop building offers an old nuance, located on Jl. General Basuki Rahmat No.5, Kauman, Klojen District, Malang.

So, those are some recommendations for legendary Malang culinary delights that are delicious and cheap. We can know it from Malang meatballs to the famous ice cream in Malang. There are still many culinary that spread out in Malang with their specialties and great taste. Make sure you will try them all when you come to Malang and have a packed of great vacation. Malang will be one of your memorable places for vacation and you’ll want to come back soon. 

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