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Indonesia's Popular Tourist Destinations in the Eyes of the World

Indonesia's Popular Tourist Destinations in the Eyes of the World

1. Danau Toba (Sumatera Utara)

Been to Lake Toba? This lake with unparalleled beauty is the largest volcanic lake in Southeast Asia and the second largest in the world after Lake Victoria.Lake Toba has long been famous as one of indonesia's favorite tourist attractions that has been visited since the 1980s!

This world-famous Indonesian tourist attraction has an area of 1,145 square kilometers. In the middle of the lake is Samosir Island which is almost comparable in size to the country of Singapore. Can you imagine the Toppers, how magnificent is Lake Toba?

In addition to being the largest, it is also one of the deepest lakes in the world with a depth of about 450 meters.

For Toppers who are or want to visit North Sumatra, have a stop by to enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba, yes.

2. Nusa Penida (Bali)

The island of Bali, no doubt its name is rampant all over the world because of its beautiful scenery, its rich culture and exotic beaches.

When Toppers visit Bali don't be surprised that so many tourists pass by there, even some of them live in Bali!

One of bali's most popular attractions in the eyes of the world today is Nusa Penida. This favorite Indonesian tourist spot is a great choice for Toppers who love to do Island Hoping, and enjoy the beauty of the underwater with snorkeling.

With panoramic views of nusa penida beach and surrounding small islands offers a different experience and will certainly pamper Toppers who also have a hobby of photography.

3. Taman Laut Bunaken (Sulawesi Utara)

The next popular tourist destination in Indonesia in indonesia is Bunaken Marine Park located in Manado Bay.

Bunaken is one of the tourist attractions in Indonesia that invites decak amazement because of the beauty of its underwater park that is difficult to find in other countries.

Visiting Bunaken Marine Park, Toppers will discover the beauty of life in the sea that makes your eyes can't stop looking at it.

In this marine park there are 13 types of coral reefs dominated by sea rocks.

In addition, the most interesting view is the presence of vertical steep coral reefs that rise downwards as deep as 25 – 50 meters. Not there, our eyes will be spoiled with 91 types of fish in it.

No wonder bunaken marine park is one of the destinations for tourists, especially sea lovers.

Moreover, indonesia's favorite tourist destination of foreign tourists provides facilities for scuba diving with the best 20 diving points, where divers can have the opportunity to swim on the seabed with a variety of amazing marine biota.

4. Wakatobi (Sulawesi Tenggara)

Still on Sulawesi Island, Wakatobi National Park is also one of the most popular and worldwide underwater tourist destinations.

With an area of 13,900 km2, this famous tourist destination from Indonesia has no less than 112 types of coral reefs that are symbiotic with underwater fish thus creating an unparalleled underwater panorama.

All of which makes Wakatobi one of the diving paradises for travelers from all over the world.

5. Kepulauan Raja Ampat (Papua Barat)

The next paradise in Indonesia is the Raja Ampat archipelago located in West Papua with the most complete sea wealth on earth.

Raja Ampat or Four Kings is a beautiful island that is the producer of ancient stone paintings. The four main islands in question are Waigeo, Salawati, Batanta, and Misool.

The names are derived from local myths of the people around raja ampat island. The beauty and grandeur of this popular tourist attraction from Indonesia is able to invite tourists from all over the world to come here and feel the experience as well as the scenery that will not be forgotten.

With the island covering up to 4.6 million hectares of land and sea, we can find 540 species of coral, 1,511 species of fish, as well as 700 species of mollusks.

Keep in the know Toppers, according to The Nature Conservancy and Conservation International report, there are about 75% of the world's marine species living on this beautiful and stunning island.

6. Gunung Bromo (Jawa Timur)

If you've been to East Java it's not complete if you haven't set foot on Mount Bromo.

One of the active volcanoes has a distinctive charm in the form of a desert that is very luat.

Although not one of the highest mountains in Indonesia, the beauty of Mount Bromo is second to none and makes visitors able to experience fantastic and spectacular scenery.

Tourists can ride and climb mount bromo to enjoy the charming beauty at sunrise and sunset.

It could be an unforgettable first-hand experience with Toppers! With its stunning beauty it is no wonder that this tourist attraction in Indonesia becomes foreign tourists visiting Indonesia.

7. Pulau Komodo (Nusa Tenggara Timur)

Indonesia's most famous tourist destination in the eyes of the next world is Komodo Island. Located in the East Nusa Tenggara Islands, the island is home to hundreds of Komodo dragons, endemic animals that only exist in Indonesia.

In addition to being able to observe the behavior and explore the habitat of these ancient animals, Komodo Island also offers a stunning panorama of nature.

One of them is a beach with pink sand known as "Pink Beach".

Beaches like this only have seven around the world making it one of indonesia's worldwide tourist destinations.

8. Candi Borobudur (Jawa Tengah)

One of the other icons of Indonesian cultural tourism is Borobudur Temple. As the largest Buddhist temple in the world with an area of no less than 123 X 123 meters, this temple built during the ancient Mataram kingdom is a cultural and historical heritage of Indonesia that is famous for its stunning architecture.

Every year, not only domestic tourists but many foreign tourists are interested in observing the beauty of Borobudur Temple.

Various reliefs that tell about various teachings in Buddhism and the life journey of Sidharta Gautama until achieving perfect enlightenment can Toppers find in favorite tourist attractions from Indonesia.

Borobudur temple itself has a total of no less than 504 Buddha statues and 2,672 relief panels on the walls. It's amazing, isn't it?

9. Tana Toraja (Sulawesi Selatan)

Indonesia is rich in customs and cultures that attract the eyes of the world. One of Indonesia's tourist destinations famous for its rich cultural traditions is Tana Toraja Regency.

Located in South Sulawesi in a beautiful mountainous area, Toppers can still see the unique daily life and traditions of the indigenous people of Tana Toraja.

In addition to the traditional architectural beauty of the tongkonan house, tourists can also observe the unique tradition of death ceremonies known as Rambu Solo which are usually held in July and August

The uniqueness of this tradition makes Tana Toraja as a tourist attraction from Indonesia that has worldwide appeal.

10. Gili Trawangan (NTB)

For beach lovers, Gili Trawangan is a destination for tourists from all over the world. With a combination of blue sky with white cloud, the clear sea water framed by white sand makes Gili Trawangan a popular tourist destination for both domestic and foreign tourists.

In addition to beaches and underwater nature, the tourist spot of Nusantara located in West Nusa Tenggara Province also has a variety of stunning landscaping as well as instagramable photo spots, lho.

11. Goa Gong (Jawa Timur)

Indonesia's next worldwide tourist destination is Gong Cave located in Pacitan, East Java.

The exotic panorama offered by Indoneisa nature attractions is touted as one of the most beautiful caves in Southeast Asia.

On an adventure in Gong Cave, Toppers will be presented with the extreme structure of stalactites and stalactites that form naturally in goa.

Although not as popular as other Indonesian tourist attractions, Gong Cave is a favorite tourist destination for adventurous world travelers.

12. Danau Kelimutu (NTT)

In addition to Lake Toba, Indonesia's world-owned lake tourism destination is Lake Kelimutu. This lake is a volcanic lake located at the top of Mount Kelimutu. To reach this beautiful lake, Toppers must do hiking first.

The specialty of the lake located on Flores Island, NTT is the view of the lake with three colors namely green, white and blue. Every year, this exotic lake is always crowded with foreign tourists.

13. Ngarai Sianok (Sumatra Barat)

Sianok Gorge located on the border of Bukittinggi City, Agam Regency, West Sumatra is famous for its worldwide beauty.

The 15-kilometer-long gorge, with a depth of more than 100 meters, forms a beautiful natural fault like no other. Especially in the middle of the fault flows batang sianok river which irrigates the green and scenic valley nature.

14. Kawah Ijen (Jawa Timur)

From Banyuwangi, there is a charm of Ijen crater that has recently become famous to foreign countries. One of the allures is the blue fire or the charm of the blue fire that lights up from the crater of Mount Ijen.

In the world, the phenomenon of blue fire can only be found in two places namely in Iceland and in Indonesia.

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