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5 National Dishes of Indonesia You Should Eat

5 National Dishes of Indonesia You Should Eat

Indonesia's culinary treasury is indeed rich. Sabang to Merauke has a variety of delicious snacks. Here are Indonesian culinary delights that are recognized as the most delicious food in the world. Starting from rendang, gambang bread, to Jumbo Fried Indomie which was once called the most delicious instant ramen in the world.

Indonesia has very diverse types of culinary. some of these typical Indonesian culinary delights have been worldwide and are favored by foreign people. Because they are so delicious, some of these Indonesian specialties have become favorites and have been named the most delicious food in the world. Let's take a look at some of the best culinary foods in Indonesia.

1. Rendang

Rendang is processed beef or buffalo that is cooked with spices and coconut milk for hours. Apart from being popular in various regions, rendang also has important philosophical values ​​for the Minangkabau people. That's why this dish is often served at important events. 

2. Fried Rice

Even though this year it was not included in the CNN's World's 50 Best Foods list, fried rice was at the top in 2017. At that time this food was in second place after rendang. Based on the reader's choice, Indonesian fried rice won far more votes than Thai fried rice which was ranked 23rd.

3. Satay

Almost every region in Indonesia has a different variety of satay recipes. However, the most commonly found in every city is chicken satay or Madura goat satay which uses peanut and soy sauce. It is this satay with peanut sauce that seems to be the most preferred by foreign tourists. Satay, which is also a typical Indonesian culinary delicacy, was also perched on CNN's World's 50 Best Foods 2017, at position fourteen to be exact.

4. Bread Gambang

Gambang bread has the characteristic shape of a block with a brownish color from brown sugar and a sprinkling of sesame on top. The way to eat it is somewhat different from most bread. Tear a little gambang bread first, then dip it in bitter coffee or fresh tea. It must be plain because the sweetness comes from the bread.

5. Lapis legit

Lapis legit has a characteristic form of a cake that is layered and smells like speck. This cake is part of a combination of culinary traditions from the archipelago and the Netherlands. The taste is unique because it uses various types of spices, one of which is cinnamon.

The diversity of spices is abundant in Indonesia, making Indonesian foods taste very tempting. This variety of foods has been able to attract foreign attention. Because it is so delicious that some authentic Indonesian food is served at festivals held in several countries in the world. May be useful.

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