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5 Most Delicious and Popular Indonesian Soups

5 Most Delicious and Popular Indonesian Soups

Each region in Indonesia has a culinary wealth that varies from one region to another. The difference here is not only about the type of culinary but also the taste and smell. East Java is famous for its dishes that can shake the tongue. Various spicy dishes are also one of the mainstays. One of the most famous is the most delicious soup.

For those of you who are planning or are on vacation in a city in East Java, be sure to try to enjoy delicious and appetizing Javanese specialties. What are the best East Java specialties?

1. Rawon

Rawon is a typical East Javanese food whose delicacy is worldwide. Rawon is a meat soup with complete spices and black soup. The black sauce in rawon is obtained from a kitchen spice called kluwek. Rawon is usually eaten with white rice, chili sauce, and prawn crackers. Almost in all cities in East Java, we can find rawon menus easily.

2. Rujak Cingur

Many say that rujak is a Javanese salad. Yes, rujak cingur is a food made from boiled vegetables and drizzled with peanut sauce with paste, brown sugar, and tamarind. As the name implies, in the rujak cingur dish there is an additional cow cingur or cow's mouth. In the salad dish, there are also slices of fruit, slices of tofu and fried tempeh, and even lontong. If you go to Surabaya, you must try this culinary.

3. Rujak Soto

Soto salad is a culinary origin from Banyuwangi. Rujak soto is a culinary combination of salad and yellow soup. The taste of the soup and the freshness of the salad make this culinary taste unique but still inspires appetites and champions.

4. Soto Lamongan

This food is almost the same in appearance as soup in general. However, there is one ingredient that is very distinctive in this soup, namely koya. Koya is a type of savory powder made from garlic and shrimp crackers. It's a shame if you haven't tasted the specialty of this delicious food.

5. Malang Meatballs

Who doesn't know meatballs? This food may be widely available in every city. However, it is different from Malang meatballs. Malang meatballs have a very delicious and unique taste. One of the uniqueness of Malang meatball is the noodle material used. The noodles in Malang meatballs at first glance look like vermicelli noodles. However, the color of these noodles tends to be turquoise.

Food from the East Java region is quite easy to find around us. The price offered also varies, depending on the menu being sold. No wonder many people are addicted to returning to taste the specialties of East Java. Ranging from snacks to heavy meals rich in various flavors. May be useful.

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