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5 Most Delicious and Best Makassar Foods

5 Most Delicious and Best Makassar Foods

It's nothing new if Makassar is one of the areas with a variety of Appetizing culinary delights. One of the specialties that are most synonymous with Makassar is Coto Makassar which is famous for being savory and rich in spices. But did you know, besides Coto Makassar, many other specialties that are no less delicious and it's a pity to miss?

Because this city has many choices of typical foods that taste delicious and you must taste them.

Maybe some of the menus mentioned below have you tasted before at a restaurant near your home. But enjoying the specialties of an area in its place of origin can certainly add to the enjoyment of the food.

The following is a list of Makassar specialties that must be tried.

1. Pallubasa

Pallubasa is still one of Makassar's specialties that are processed from beef with thick spices. Pallubasa is taken from the Makassar language, Pallu means food and Basa means wet. So, Pallubasa is wet or soup. Pallubasa served with warm rice and additional chicken egg yolk.

2. Kapurung

This food is made from sago dissolved in hot water until it thickens and then formed into small balls the size of meatballs served with peanut sauce and a mixture of vegetables and fish meat.

3. Pisang Ijo

The main ingredient of this dessert is a banana wrapped in flour dough with natural green coloring. Completed with soft marrow porridge with additional DHT or coco pandan syrup and shaved ice, the green banana is very suitable to be served during the day.

4. Mie Titi

Mie Titi is a typical Makassar dry noodle with a thick sauce made from egg, water, and a solution of starch. Complementary items are chicken pieces, meatballs, prawns, and green mustard greens, for those who like spicy food can also add mashed cayenne pepper pickles. Titi noodles are wet noodles that are cooked by frying them so that they become crispy.

5. Pisang Epe

Pisang Epe is a snack made from kepok banana which is burned by flattening it with a special clamp which is served with melted brown sugar which is legit or can be added with a sprinkling of cheese, nuts, or chocolate.

Those are some typical Makassar foods that should be tried besides Coto Makassar, of course. How it's delicious right? Don't forget to taste the food above, if you are visiting Makassar. This is only a small portion of the typical Makassar food that is served. There are many more culinary delights that you must try while on vacation in the city of Makassar. May be useful.

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