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5 Interesting Facts About Indonesian Cuisine

5 Interesting Facts About Indonesian Cuisine

Apart from the exoticism of its islands, Indonesia is also known for its various delicious and unique culinary delights from Sabang to Merauke. Soto in Indonesia has a variety of flavors and characteristics according to the region of origin. Having its diversity, it turns out that there are some Interesting Facts About Indonesian Cuisine.

Every community's habits in one area are different. Some are influenced by traditions, habits, or everyone's comfort. However, there are unique things that you can find in Indonesia that make it different from other countries. Especially in the culinary field. For information, let's look at the following points.

1. Indonesians will not be full and satisfied before eating rice

This is a fact that is often felt by everyone in Indonesia. Although rice is replaced with other preparations such as ketupat or lontong, before they eat rice, it feels like they haven't eaten anything.

2. There are only two types of food stalls at most in Indonesia

In almost every corner of Indonesia, it would be easy to find these two stalls, namely Warung Tegal or Warteg and Rumah Makan Padang. Uniquely, the location of the Padang Restaurant is most spread across almost all regions in Indonesia. But don't expect to find a food stall that says Padang Restaurant in its original area, namely in Padang.

3. Meals must be accompanied by chili sauce

Indonesians are very fond of spicy culinary delights, even in every culinary dish, chili sauce is always used as a mandatory companion. The taste will be incomplete if you eat without a spicy taste on the tongue. also, what needs to be known throughout Indonesia is that there are 17 types of chili sauce, 17 different types of satay, and 17 different types of soto.

4. There are seven Indonesian foods worldwide

 many Indonesian culinary delights also like it, not only in Indonesia. But many people abroad also like it and make some of these culinary delights worldwide. These culinary delights include meatballs, tempeh, satay, gado-gado, rendang, fried rice and even pempek.

5. The most popular instant noodles are only Indomie

the Indomie brand is the most famous in Indonesia, even the most favorite instant noodle among other instant noodle foods in the world. Not only famous Indomie is also used as an antidote to longing for Indonesians who have been abroad for a long time or even those who live in other countries.

The description above is complete information about what are the unique and interesting facts from culinary in the various countries of Indonesia. What is your favorite food in Indonesia? From the soup, fry, roast, and many more, everything is available. This is what makes many unique things that have become the attraction of Indonesian culinary.

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